How are my kids engaged during class?

We understand that one hour in a stroller can be a stretch for kids. That is why we involve them in your workout! Throughout class, our instructors will weave songs, nursery rhymes, and fun games into your workout, keeping the kids happy and entertained. We also suggest that you bring some of their favorite toys or snacks for them as well.

We will often add an additional fun factor themed classes and/or equipment to add more fun and engagement for the kids.

At FIT4MOM, safety is our number one priority. One way we ensure that your little ones stay safe is by keeping them buckled and in their strollers during class. For toddlers, our goal is to keep them engaged and in their strollers for the entire hour and letting them out after our "final and most important stretch of the day" at the end of class. If your child is struggling during class, please move your stroller away from the class and find a spot to address your child needs out of the view of other children, in efforts to prevent a domino effect of escapees. For littler babies, feel free to change up the exercise to keep your baby happy. If that means moving your stroller in a squat or pace back and forth in class, do so! Our instructors will also try to help you with that as well.

If you need to feed your little one, please step out of class and find a comfortable bench/seat nearby and take care of your little ones needs. You can jump back into class when you and your little one are ready.

Another option for small babies is wearing them in a secure carrier. If you do chose to wear your baby, our instructor will give you modifications for any exercises that may not be carrier friendly. We are thrilled to have you and your kids join us at FIT4MOM and what to make this the best and safest experience for everyone!


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