Stroller Strides

What is Stroller Strides?

Stroller Strides is a full body workout! We engage our kids throughout the workout with songs and fun games. We design the class around power walking from station to station, though some moms do choose to run between stations, but running is not required! We use our body weight, the environment, and resistance bands to build strength and fitness.

I often hear, "Stroller Strides is actually a great workout!" One of the best things about Stroller Strides is it can be catered to suit any level of fitness. Everyone from a seasoned fitness lover, to a brand new mom just venturing into the fitness world for the first time, can get an awesome and appropriate workout. Stroller Strides is truly designed for any and every mom!

We encourage you to make Stroller Strides the workout that YOU want. It is YOUR hour and your workout and we will do everything we can to make it an enjoyable 60 minutes for both you and your kiddos!

What should I bring to my first Stroller Strides class?

Yourself, your kiddo (that is optional :)), water for you, anything that your little one will/could need during class (snacks and/or toys), a yoga mat or large towel, a sturdy stroller (it does not need to be a jogging stroller) and you enthusiasm to workout with your kiddo!

Can I try Stroller Strides before I join?

YES! Your first Stroller Strides class is always FREE! This allows you to see first hand if Stroller Strides is a good fit for you and your little ones! If you sign up here and create a profile, your first FREE class is automatically gifted to your account and you can come try us out!

Is there an age requirement for Stroller Strides?

There is no age requirement. As long as your child will stay in the stroller for our entire hour-long class (with the exception of nursing babies who need to be held/comforted), your kid/kids are welcome at Stroller Strides. At the end of each class we do allow for all the kids to get out and play together.

If you are bringing two or more children to a Stroller Strides class, please make sure that you have a place for each child. All kids must be seated and strapped into their strollers or worn in a carrier during class, in accordance to our insurance policies. Safety is our number one priority, therefore having a safe place for each and every child is extremely important.

How much does Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre cost?

Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre memberships:

Unlimited monthly membership for $64/month

Two classes per week membership for $48/month*

All memberships have a $70 registration fee, however if you sign up at your first class, this registration fee will be discounted by 50%.

*Please note that classes do not carry over week to week. Memberships are billed monthly and require 30 days written notice of cancellation.

Drop in 10 class pass for $140 that is good for any of our FIT4MOM classes, including Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Saturday morning Body Back Boost, and Fit4Baby.

**If these plans or memberships do not fit into what you are looking for, please enquire about our maternity leave specials and our membership available for moms who work outside of the house.

What if I am late for class?

If there is one thing that we understand, it is that you have KIDS! And for some reason, that often makes us late! We do our best to make sure that all classes start on time and would appreciate your best efforts to be there on time as well. If that isn't possible, you can catch up with when you are able to get there. There are those days and we understand that. Being on time is important because we want to make sure that your muscles are properly warmed up... But things happen from time to time, so don’t make running a few minutes behind a reason not to come to class!

How are my kids engaged during class?

We understand that one hour in a stroller can be a stretch for kids. That is why we involve them in your workout! Throughout class, our instructors will weave songs, nursery rhymes, and fun games into your workout, keeping the kids happy and entertained. We also suggest that you bring some of their favorite toys or snacks for them as well.

We will often add an additional fun factor themed classes and/or equipment to add more fun and engagement for the kids.

At FIT4MOM, safety is our number one priority. One way we ensure that your little ones stay safe is by keeping them buckled and in their strollers during class. For toddlers, our goal is to keep them engaged and in their strollers for the entire hour and letting them out after our "final and most important stretch of the day" at the end of class. If your child is struggling during class, please move your stroller away from the class and find a spot to address your child needs out of the view of other children, in efforts to prevent a domino effect of escapees. For littler babies, feel free to change up the exercise to keep your baby happy. If that means moving your stroller in a squat or pace back and forth in class, do so! Our instructors will also try to help you with that as well.

If you need to feed your little one, please step out of class and find a comfortable bench/seat nearby and take care of your little ones needs. You can jump back into class when you and your little one are ready.

Another option for small babies is wearing them in a secure carrier. If you do chose to wear your baby, our instructor will give you modifications for any exercises that may not be carrier friendly. We are thrilled to have you and your kids join us at FIT4MOM and what to make this the best and safest experience for everyone!

I am pregnant. Can I still join Stroller Strides?

Stroller Strides is designed for any mom that has little ones that are stroller-age. So yes, pregnant moms are always welcome at Stroller Strides with their other kids! All of our instructors are certified in pre- and postnatal fitness and all Stroller Strides classes follow strict ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines and are aware of any modifications you will need as a pregnant mom. Our instructors will have challenging moves catering just to you and your body. So please come as long as you have been cleared for physical exercise by your physician.

If you do not yet have a stroller-aged child, please stay turned for our pre natal fitness classes called Fit4Baby starting in July 2015!

Additional Questions

Please contact Jennifer Wolfgram at jenniferwolfgram@fit4mom.com or 206.819.0017.

Hope to meet you and your little ones soon!

Body Back

Who teaches Body Back?

Just like any FIT4MOM program, our classes are taught by certified professionals. Body Back instructors hold special national certifications and are specifically trained to give each and every woman in the Body Back program the best and more benificial experence.

When is Body Back?

Our group workouts are Mondays and Wednesday evening.

How much does Body Back cost?

A full eight-week session of Body Back is $299.

What is included in an eight-week session of Body Back?

Each session includes the following:

· 2 HIIT workouts per week in a small group format

· Nutrition Guidance and Food Journaling

· Mama Wants Her Body Back approved recipes

· Before and after fitness assessments, measurements and photos

· An additional weekly workout that you can do at home!

· Weekly challenges and homework assignments to keep you motived

· Online private FP group

· Support, Community, Accountability, FUN!

How long is Body Back?

Unlike our other programs, Body Back is not a drop-in class. Body Back sessions run in consecutive eight-week sessions. Please contact Jen Wolfgram at jenniferwolfgram@fit4mom.com to find out when the next session of Body Back begins.

What is Momma Wants Her "Body Back"?

Momma Wants Her Body Back is the newest program to be released from Stroller Strides' and FIT4MOM founder Lisa Druxman. It is a results-based indoor/outdoor workout designed specifically for women. Whether you just had a baby, or had a baby twenty years ago, or don't have kids, it will help any woman get her "Body Back". Most importantly, it will help you unlock your personal possibilities in an inspiring and powerful environment. While Body Back is geared towards moms, these sessions are also open to ladies with or without kids.

Body Back clients experience targeted high-intensity workouts, inspiration and motivation in every class. When done in conjunction with Lisa's Mama Wants Her Body Back meal plan and workout DVDs, you have a sure fire combination for success.

All Body Back classes are a full body 60-minute workout. This includes warm-up, the workout, cool down and stretching.

Body Back Boost

What is Body Back Boost?

Body Back Boost is a drop-in, high-intensity interval training workout class, designed for women. This total-body workout will challenge all levels of fitness, even the elite athlete. Our safe and effective workouts address the specific fitness needs of a woman and are designed for women to challenge themselves to reach their fullest potential in a supportive and inspiring environment. We strive to empower women to take an hour out of her day to re-charge, challenge herself and connect with other women. Body Back Boost is a child-free workout and it is recommended that you be at least 3 months postpartum.

Who is Body Back Boost for?

Body Back Boost Drop-In classes are a perfect place for clients to go once they have reached their goals in the 8 week session format. It is also a great place for clients who need flexibility with their schedule, are not ready or interested in a whole life change or nutritional component. This class is not appropriate for prenatal exercise.

How much does Body Back Boost cost?

We offer two different ways to pay for our Body Back boost classes - for a single class visit it is $18/class or for a ten class punch pass (good for all of our FIT4MOM classes (Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, Fit4Baby, & Body Back Boost) for $140 for ten classes.

What is the difference between Body Back Boost and the eight-week Body Back program?

Body Back Boost is a drop-in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout class. It is a 60 minute commitment.

The eight-week Body Back Program includes two weekly group HIIT workouts, nutritional program and personalized nutritional support, online motivation and support, weekly challenges and homework, additional at home workouts, and more!


What is Fit4Baby?

Congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy! What an exciting time! Whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, being pregnant can be a memorable and amazing season of life. Welcome to the journey!

At FIT4MOM, we know firsthand just how important health, exercise, and community are for moms and moms-to-be. Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to you and your baby's health. Exercise is an important component to your pregnant well being, as well as your strength as a new mom.

Fit4Baby is a special program designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. Classes include cardio, strength, flexibility, stretching and balance training. Fit4Baby can be started at any point during pregnancy.

All Fit4Baby instructors are certified and specially trained in prenatal fitness. It is a great workout for a pregnant mom at any stage of pregnancy.

Fit4Baby: Helping soon-to-be mothers find the STRENGTH FOR MOTHERHOOD!

* Clearance from your physician is required before joining Fit4Baby. To learn more about this, please contact Jennifer at jenniferwolfgram@fit4mom.com.

When can I join Fit4Baby?

Fit4Baby can be started at any point during pregnancy.

Fit4Baby will offer a total body interval workout including strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises that can be completed in either an outdoor or indoor environment. During the one-hour class, exercises will be adjusted to accommodate clients’ various stages of pregnancy, and further education from instructors on each phase will help participants understand the bodily changes taking place, how to best care for themselves, and the preparation process for motherhood.

Regular activity such as Fit4Baby classes can help to reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy and may speed the labor, delivery and recovery process. According to the ACOG, exercise is just as important during pregnancy as any other time of life.

All instructors are certified in prenatal fitness and follow all pregnancy guidelines set by ACOG. Fit4Baby instructors are fully equipped to lead a pregnant woman in exercises that are safe and appropriate for her changing body.

When are Fit4Baby classes?

Fit4Baby classes are on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

What is the cost of Fit4Baby?

We have plans for each session of FIT4BABY that can work for you. Either once or twice per week. Email Jen at JenniferWolfgram@fit4mom.com for availability.


What is FIT4MOM?

Back in 2001, FIT4MOM started as a mom and baby fitness class called Stroller Strides. We found that moms needed more support and workout options that helped them through every area of motherhood. This is when Fit4Baby and Momma Wants Her Body Back were started. Rather than calling the company after just one of the programs we offer, FIT4MOM was created to serve as the umbrella company that covers all the programs. Stroller Strides recently went through some re branding changes and changed their name to FIT4MOM.

Underneath the FIT4MOM brand we have Fit4Baby, our prenatal fitness program, Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, a full body workout that engages your kids while in a stroller, and Body Back, which is a boot camp type style class for moms only.

For more info on our other classes and program, please check out more of our FAQ page.

Our Village

What is Our Village?

Our Village is YOUR place to... Support. Connect. Empower. Make a difference.

Our Village supports all moms, in all stages of motherhood. Each month activities are scheduled in your local area. Moms Night Out, playgroups, family events, charitable events, and more are offered depending on your interests! Celebrate, find support with challenges, and be involved in your community with us. Together we can help each other find our common strength for motherhood!

Our Village - FIT4MOM Edmonds, Shoreline and Lake Forest Park is located on Facebook! Please join us there!


Prenatal Fitness + Support!

You can build your community even before baby arrives!

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