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☀️NEW CLASS TIME! ☀️Starting Tuesday, May 1st we meet at 10am at Hamlin Park! Join us on Tuesday for our FREE Outdoor kickoff party! Free workout, giveaways, kids activities, and meeting other local moms! Pre-register at for an extra giveaway entry! #fit4momedmondsshorelinelfp #ourvillageedmonds #shorelinemoms #momlife #momwithus #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #fit4mom #hamlinpark #firstclassfree

We are grateful for sand beneath our toes at the beach, grass under our feet at Strides, clean water to drink, a roof over our head, and farm-fresh produce we can pick up at our local groceries. But we must cherish our planet and take care of it for future generations. Did you know there are small simple ways you can give our planet some TLC like planting a tree or turning off lights more often? Tomorrow we will continue to celebrate by doing a recycled art project after Strides! Join us at 9:30 am for class and 10:30 for the #recycledart 🌎 #fit4momedmondsshorelinelfp #earthday2018 #earthday #themotherhoodisreal


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