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What's with all the Pound Signs?

I don't know about all of you but I remember with the pound sign was just that random button on the house phone you never actually used. When everyone started adding them to their Facebook status’ I found it rather strange. A few years later pound signs have firmly renamed ‘hashtags’ and everyone is using them, including #FIT4MOMEdmondsShorelineLFP!

But why hashtag you ask?

  • For Fun! Hashtags can be a way to say something a little silly or sarcastic with less worry someone might not understand that you’re just joking around. Hash tagging something can be like saying something with a wink and a smile: When you realize at the end of the day you’ve had peanut butter from breakfast on your glasses #atleastmydogthinksimpretty
  • Filing system. By hashtagging all of our posts #FIT4MOMEdmondsShorelineLFP #YourPaceYourWorkout we are able to quickly review all of our posts. By simply clicking on the hashtag, anything and everything that has ever used that tag, will be easily accessible to view. Try clicking on one of our tags - it’s a fun way to have #FlashBackFriday any day of the week!
  • Contests! Hashtags are a super easy way for us to run a trackable contest. When creating an original hashtag for our mommas to use when posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we are able to very easily see the entries and determine a #winnerwinnerchickendinner!
    • A couple of very important things to remember for contests:
  1. In order for us to view your entry you must be our friend, so please take a minute to make sure you are our friend on Facebook, and that we are following you on Instagram and Twitter- we have tried to find all of you, but sometimes your handles and photos are so creative we have a hard time recognizing you!
  2. The hashtag must to verbatim. Double check to make sure you’re posting #YourPaceYourWorkout and not #YorPaceYourWokout
  3. If you want extra insurance to make sure we see your post use @FIT4MomEdmonds

How do you Hashtag?

Using hashtags are pretty simple, type # and then whatever you what. Let's say you caught a great photo of the babes making their craft during an OurVillage event and you want to be sure we see it. Log on to your Facebook or Instagram, post the photo and write your caption as you normally would, then add #FIT4MOMEdmondsShorelineLFP and/or #YourPaceYourWorkout. Remember not to use spaces or punctuation. Numbers are ok, thank goodness as #FIT4MOM would be impossible without them! If you use the @ symbol, it is the same as speaking directly to someone.

For example we might say: “Thank you to @BobGear for the amazing #RevolutionSEduallie we gave away at our big #FIT4MOMLFPGrandOpening!”

That way Bob Strollers would be directly sent our post and maybe even send us another duallie #winkwink. Still confused? Grab Marisa after class anytime and she’ll walk you through it!

About those Contests… You all have noticed by now that #YourPaceYourWorkout has been added to our all of photos. Angela Wallace was the momma to bring this ever present saying of Heather’s to our attention and because of it, won the big prize from StellaDot last month! #yayAngela! We would like to encourage all of you to continue posting photos taken by you or even your little workout buddy during class, or during a Mom’s Night Out, or Our Village events, and then post them to Facebook and Instagram using #YourPaceYourWorkout. Each month we will select one photo by one of YOU to win a prize! The prizes will vary, it may be some FIT4MOM swag, a gift from our Vendor of the Month, or something awesome from one of our partners. For the month of December one of your #YourPaceYourWorkout photos will win a great prize from one of our 12 Days of Shop Local partners! #postthosephotos #remembertohashtagit #askmarisaifyouhavequestions


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