Welcome to the FIT4MOM Edmonds, Shoreline & LFP Blog!

Welcome to the FIT4MOM Edmonds, Shoreline and Lake Forest Park Blog! Our goal at FIT4MOM is to help moms gain the strength they need for motherhood. We will be posting information, antidotes, stories from Our Village, and much more that may help you, our fellow mamas, get through the day-to-day crazies of living in the trenches with the crazy little people we are trying to raise! At FIT4MOM we offer fitness classes that build muscle and physical strength, but we also hope to provide you emotional and mental strength by showing you that there is a village of moms waiting to support you, who is also muddling their way through the adventure of raising kiddos!

Mammas from our FIT4MOM community both locally and nationally will be contributing to our posts. If you are interested in adding your voice to our blog, please let us know! We’d love for you to share your voice with your Village of moms!


Prenatal Fitness + Support!

You can build your community even before baby arrives!

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