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Week Three of Body Back - Running Late

This week was extremely busy for me, and I felt like I was just one step behind in everything I was doing. My 17 month old is in a big sleep regression right now, so this whole week I feel like I have been dragging. Coffee has been getting me by. I have been running late, to almost every commitment I had this week, including the weds body back class. I HATE being late, to anything. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Usually, if I know I am running late, and it is more than 5 min late, I just decide not to go to whatever I was planning on doing (except if it’s a work commitment). Well, on weds, in stride with the rest of my day, I was running late getting out of the house to go to class. When I looked at the time as I was getting my shoes on to leave, I told my husband “its too late, I’m just not going to go to this class tonight.” He told me I should just go, and not worry about it. Then, when I showed up, everyone was in a different location, and not at the regular meeting spot. I got out of the car, did one visual sweep, and thought, this is a sign. I’m not supposed to workout tonight and I'll just head home. As I was contemplating my final decision, Tiffany sent me a text message letting me know where the class was. I had a choice. I could ignore her text, and get back in the car to head home, or go to the class late. Somehow the next thing I knew I was I jogging the ¼ mile over to the meeting spot, which had been posted online, I learned later that night, and joined in with everyone else after a quick warm-up. It turned out to be a very challenging and rewarding class! It was a different set-up than other classes and a fantastic workout. I thanked Tiffany for texting, as I would not have wanted to miss this. I am so happy that I didn’t ignore Tiffany’s message. After that class, on the way home, I felt that same post workout high that keeps me hooked to these workouts. So, the moral of this story for me is that it is Ok to come to a workout a little late. It's much better than not making it at all. As I wrote in one of my first posts and have to continually remind myself, half the battle of these hard workouts is just physically showing up for the class.


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