Week Six of Body Back -Injury Frustration

This week has been really challenging and frustrating for me. I hurt my food last weekend during a 12 mile run and wasn't able to go to either Body Back group workout, despite really wanting to. I thought my foot was just bruised, but now that it has been over a week, and it continues to hurt even with just walking, I am more concerned it may be something more serious. I have only been doing low impact exercise, like swimming or riding the stationary bike at the gym. While I know I need to take this break to heal, this low impact exercise definitely does not feel like the same intensity as the Body Back classes. I'm frustrated since I have worked really hard to get in shape, and I don't want to lose progress or momentum. In the past, when I have gotten into a good workout routine, something like a vacation or a bad cold sickness would throw me for a loop and cause me to not workout for a few weeks. When I finally tried to go back to it, it would feel like I was starting over and would often lead to me taking even longer breaks - as in just stop workout altogether. And then it would take something external to re-motivate me and get me going again (and often a ways down the road... like six months....) I REALLY do not want this old pattern to happen while I am taking this little "break" for my foot. I am motivated and determined to continue with my workout routine once my foot is healed, as I know what I am vulnerable to when something disrupts my routine, as evident by my past. I love feeling in great shape and don't want to lose the fitness that I've worked so hard for!

Despite not being as active this last week, I did manage to eat fairly healthy.

My goals for these next few weeks are to make it back to group Body Back workouts and get healthy enough to run the half marathon I signed up for in three weeks!


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