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Week Seven - MomME Time

I missed both Body Back group workouts last week, and the at home weekend workout, and the first workout of this week. It has been really hard to stay off my foot, but I know that it needs a break, and that if I overdo it, it wont heal. I am not very good at taking a break when I have a great routine going. Being injured is hard!

However, I returned to class on Wednesday and it felt great to be back. Everything about Body Back classes are great. Not just the workout, which is fabulous, but being around other strong moms really motivates me. The location of the class is also amazing, right on the Edmonds Waterfront beach. After the workout is complete, it is so wonderful to just take a few minutes to sit on the beach, and listen to the waves, smell the fresh air, and watch the sunset, as one of the instructors leads a short meditation. After missing the class for a week and a half, and now returning at the end of week 7, I realize just how much I enjoy this part of my weekly routine. Not just for a killer workout, but for my over-all mental health and happiness as a busy mom. It has become my “me” time, and I’m so glad I my foot is feeling better and I’m back.


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