Week Four of Body Back - Half way!!!

I have now finished week 4 and heading into the second half of this session of Body Back. It feels like time is moving so fast! I cant believe I am half way done. When I evaluate how I am doing towards reaching my goals for this session, I feel like I could make some improvements, but over-all, I am actually proud of myself. And it feels really good to write that.

I started this session after finishing two other Body Back sessions. So, I felt pretty physically in-shape. So, my biggest goal for this session, was to really pay attention to the nutrition component of this program and track what I am eating. I didn’t do that very well during the previous sessions. I am proud to say that this time around, , I have been doing this! I have logged my daily intake into an app on my phone, and this has been really helpful for me. Even though some of the days say “lemon cupcake” as a snack (this last Friday) or frozen yogurt for lunch (last Tuesday at a work function), I am actually becoming more aware of what is going into my body, as I try and log it as close to possible after eating it. Last week I weighed myself, and although weight loss isn’t really one of my goals, as I am happy with my current weight, I have actually lost 2 pounds since the end of the last session.

I feel like the hardest part of this nutrition piece for me is the weekends, when my time is less structured, and we plan more social events, that often happen around food, such as BBQ’s, or dinner out with friends. It is harder for me to control some temptations and preferences I have for sweets and sugar, or larger portions when I am in situations with an open spread of food (BBQ), or when “grazing” on food is so easy. However, when I am logging what I am eating into this app, it has been helpful to see just how much of that food I actually didn’t really need. This past weekend, I did a fairly good job of not over-indulging and was able to stick to my meal plans. For the second half of this session, I really want to focus on how to better curb my temptations. I want to feel I'm in control to of myself to make smart decisions about if I really do want that extra sweet treat or if I am just eating it because it is there and convenient. This is something I especially need to focus on when I'm at a social events on the weekends. Join me for the next four weeks, as I work towards this new narrowed in focus!


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