Week Five of Body Back - Changes for the better

This week was extremely busy for me at work - I had a 3 day training and then 2 days of regular work. With the training, I was away from home for longer hours due to extra commuting time. For the most part, I was able to stay on track with nutrition, but overall I felt less active, since I was sitting for long periods of time in this class. This feeling of sitting all day, made me less motivated to go to Body Back workouts in the evenings. After long, sedentary days, had zero motivation to leave the house in the evenings to go workout. I had been away for over ten hours, and just felt like staying home. But, I talked myself into it and pulled it together and made it out the door. And of course, after both classes, I felt happy and better than I had before. I was proud that I made it, even though I was talking myself out of it the whole way there.

This weekend I also did a long 12 mile run for my half marathon training. I had a rare stroller free ran and it was so much easier! However, my foot is now very sore and I think it's bruised from the run. I took the last 2 days easy after the run. And also purchased new running shoes. Just under a month until my half marathon! I can do this!

I still can't believe there are only 3 weeks left to this session of Body Back. It seems like this session has gone the fastest out of all three I have attended. I really feel like the hard work and changes I've worked to make since first joining Body Back in January is truly becoming part of my norm and routine now. It's no longer just a short term commitment. I have made some permanent changes to my lifestyle that are going to stay for the long term (and many have carried over to my family!). I have learned to how to feel my body and now know when it is feeling it's best when I'm eating healthy and working out. When I miss a day or two of workouts, I truly miss it! Or when I have a big off day and eat terribly, I feel like yuck the next day. I am hopeful these tangible feelings are the real indicator that I have made some big changes for myself and my health these last 6 months!


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