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Week Eight - Getting Back At It

I was able to complete the Friday workout this last weekend, as we are getting ready to head into week 8 of this session of Body Back. My foot is feeling better, and I am starting to get back into things. Friday night I was feeling so great after my workout at home, however that changed Saturday morning when I went out for a run. I thought my foot was healed, and then sure enough half a mile into my run, it started hurting again. I decided to just push through, and to see how it would go, so I ran for 3 miles. It is frustrating since my longer runs were 10-11 miles, and now the 3 miles seemed hard. When I got home, I iced my foot a few times in hope that it would feel better. We went camping the next day and I didn’t get in a workout on 2-day trip. But good news is even though my foot was bothering me for the run, it stopped hurting with only 1-day break.

I wasn’t feeling motivated to go to the Body Back assessment class on Monday and I thought if we came home too late from camping, I’d have an excuse to miss it. This assessment class was to measure my progress over the last 8 weeks of this session. And honestly, I wasn’t sure I made any progress, with taking such a long break these last few weeks. I felt less strong now than I did at the end of the previous session, but, I knew that I couldn’t just not go. I told myself this is all part of this journey, and some days are better than others.

I am proud of myself for getting in the car after 2 days of camping, and getting myself to class. The old me would have just skipped it and allowed myself the excuse. However, when I arrived at class, something got into me, and I got a whole new wave of motivation to give these assessments my best shot. I think this motivation came from being around these three amazing instructors, and strong workout buddies in the class with me. And I’m proud to say, even though I wasn’t feeling strong on the car ride over, I proved myself wrong. I increased my time for the plank, and numbers of reps for push-ups and squats. I also increased the speed of the mile run as well. I had made progress!

The day after the assessments class, I was able to run 5 miles on the treadmill with a variable speed. Although my foot hurt, again, it seemed to stop hurting quicker than it did before. I’m feeling like I’m finally getting over the hump and back on track!

The last workout of this Body Back session was so much fun. We did a traveling workout almost like a scavenger hunt, and ran to different places in downtown Edmonds to do different exercises. We competed in teams against each other for more points. My team ended up winning this little exercise, but it wasn’t quite enough for me to win the total points competition. Three weeks ago I was head to head in the points system with fellow Body Back mama Lisa. And then when I took a break on and off the last few weeks, I lost momentum, and fell behind her in points. But, over-all, this competition was very motivating. And I am so happy for Lisa that she won!


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