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Join me on my Body Back journey!

My name is Danielle, and I am excited to share my Body Back story throughout the next eight weeks!

I have one kiddo, Dax, who is 16 months old. My story with FIT4MOM doesn’t just start with Body Back. Body Back is a perfect fit for my current place of fitness and life, however I would not have been ready for it right after having Dax, so it’s a good thing I learned about Stroller Strides first. I first found Heather and Stroller Strides by random chance when I was googling “mom’s groups in Seattle” when Dax was about 6 weeks old. My husband had just gone back to work, and I had just completed my first week alone at home, with an infant. After having many conversations aloud with my adorable and very snuggly tiny human, I decided it was going to be most beneficial for me to engage in at least some adult interactions during my next weeks on maternity leave. And so to the google machine I went to look for some starting ideas. Luckily for me, none of the PEPS groups in the area fit my schedule, and the one that did, was already full. So I continued looking for something else. I remember emailing Heather to let her know I was interested in trying a class, but that I was very nervous as I felt slow, out of shape, and a bit isolated. I had previously been moderately active before I had Dax. I was most active in college and high school, and grew up playing competitive soccer. I realized I had strayed away from working out the last several years before Dax was born, due to finishing grad school, getting married, and starting a busy career. But Heather’s response assured me that her classes were geared for anyone, and that it would be doable! She even invited me to participate in the community mom’s group through Our Village, even if I decided the Stroller Classes weren’t for me. I am so glad I gave Stroller Strides a chance, as it was the single best decision I made to get myself healthy after my body changed so drastically during pregnancy, and to meet other mom’s for much needed support postpartum. And this is where my story starts. No one told me all of the healing that I would need to do before I could feel like my active self again. I remember feeling like I could barely walk after my first Stroller Class, but I came back 2 days later for another one. And after 10 months of participating in Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, I decided I was ready to try a more challenging workout, and holy cow, did Heather give me just that!

I took a trial Body Back class to see what this “high intensity” workout was all about, and I thought I was going to die before finishing that class. But on my drive home, when it was all over, I felt amazing. My first session was a morning class, at 5:45am. In other words, EARLY. But I will say this: On the days I had the early class, I was completely energized, productive, and positive for the rest of the day. I would feel like “I got this!” My confidence began to sky rocket, and I got a little bit addicted to the feeling I would get after a hard workout. Even though I was maybe secretly dreading the workout as I was doing it sometimes. Well, actually, often. Especially the Burpees. In fact, I would often feel like I was just not into going to class, and think, “I’ll just take one day off.” But in the end, I would try and remind myself that I signed up for this, and I need to start by just showing up. That is step one. If I can just do that, I will be half way there, as sometimes, that’s the hardest part. Once I would physically get myself to class, I would always know the workout would be challenging, but I would never know exactly what it was going to look like. The small element of surprise would kind of keep me going in a weird way. But it was that “high” of the post workout I would always come back to. And it was that feeling that helped me sign up for round two, which was an 8 week session in the evenings. A whole new time of day to adjust to for working out, but I made it to the end, and continued to see results.

But here I am, about to start my 3rd round of Body Back, and I can honestly say, I am so thankful I have found a group of women and an amazing health coach (Heather) to keep me dedicated, motivated, strong, confident, and feeling my best. Even though its not easy, I know it has to be worth it in the end.

There is so much more to the Body Back program, than just showing up for a butt kicking workout. There is goal setting, weekly homework, mini challenges, a nutritional component, before and after assessments, and a small community for support in a private facebook group. If you read my above post in detail, you will notice that I talked mostly about the workouts. And not so much about the other pieces of the program, especially the nutritional components, meal planning, and weekly behavioral homework. This is because these are my goals for this up-coming session. These are the areas that were most challenging for me to address and incorporate into my busy lifestyle during the first two sessions. I work as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, while I parent my own busy toddler, attempt to make time for my husband, myself, keep a semi-clean home, and be a loyal friend, and some days I feel so busy that I think it would just be easier to go hide in a hole and come out another day! But that’s just not possible. And so as I start this next 8 week session, my goals are to get as much from this program as Body Back is designed to provide. I want to work my hardest to incorporate and merge all of the behavioral components into my busy life, while getting my butt kicked during the group workouts. Maybe now that this is all out in writing, It will be easier to do. More real. This blog will tell it all :)


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