“How much can a couple hours a week really change your life?”

“How much can a couple hours really change your life?” This question was one of many that rolled through my mind each time I got a message from Heather saying that the next Body Back session was starting. And this wasn’t the only question in my mind. Other questions of doubt followed like, “What if I can’t even do the workout they give us?” “How will I fit yet another commitment in my schedule?” and “Is it really going to be worth the money?”

After several months of “thinking it over” time and time again, I finally made the jump and tried out a Body Back Preview class. I had been part of Fit4Mom stroller strides workouts for about a year, so how hard could it really be? Well, I can’t say the workout was easy—that would be a flat out lie. Actually, quite the opposite. I remember going home after that first workout and barely making it up the front steps at our house. Over the following few days, I was reminded of Heather and the workout in multiple ways. I could barely sit down or stand up, my arms hurt every time I lifted them even without my toddler in my arms, and my abs felt as if they were crying out to me.

But, somehow all this “pain” motivated me to give it a try—it was time to do something for myself and join the 8-week Body Back session. I was so nervous the first day of class. As the days and weeks passed, though, those two hours of group Body Back workouts became some of my favorite times of the week. It wasn’t always easy to convince myself to get ready and show up to every workout, but once I was there, they empowered me, energized me and gave me the confidence to try new things. What initially felt like something I “had” to do to get healthier, soon became something I “got” to do and looked forward to. As it turned out, getting an amazing workout while spending time with a group of amazing women actually was pretty fun. And, all those fears I had were quickly wiped away. I COULD do the workout--even though I wasn’t perfect at most of it. It DID fit into my schedule--and oddly enough, it made me so much more productive and efficient with the time I had. And, it really WAS worth every penny that it cost—and more.

Over a couple Body Back sessions, I not only dropped 20+ pounds, but I gained so much more. I started believing in myself, I changed my eating habits to include foods that would give me energy, and I became a better mom, wife and all around person. When I had free time, I chose to go for a run, make a healthy meal or do an extra workout, even when no one was telling me that I had to. My husband joined in for many of the fitness and food challenges, and my daughter loved trying out her own almost-2-year-old version of burpees, squats, and stretching. Our whole family seemed to have a new strength and new energy.

I took a break from Body Back for a few months, but missed the camaraderie, weekly fitness and nutrition challenges, and most of all the positive energy that it provided me. I’m starting my third session of Body Back now, and I definitely have a clear answer to that question that lingered in my mind for so long: “How much can a couple hours a week really change your life?” Well, it turns out it can change it in too many ways to measure—for myself and for those I love so much. I’m healthier, stronger, more confident, and ready to take on new challenges in life…even if those workouts STILL aren’t easy!


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