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Holiday To-Do lists!

I love this picture! This is something that I definitely need to remember as we are in the depths of the holiday season. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my extra long to-do list - holiday cards, baking, gift wrapping, shopping (yes, I still have a couple last minute gifts to purchase!... eeeek!)... the list goes on. But this make me stop and take a breath and remember what is truly important:

Be present.

Wrap someone in a hug.

Send peace.

Donate food.

Make love.

Be the light.

We all need to remember that it’s not about making everything ‘pinterest’ perfect for our kiddos. They really don’t care if everything is magazine quality. They want you. Think about your favorite holiday memories from your childhood? Is it the perfectly wrapped gifts waiting for you under the tree? Is it the pastry chef quality cookies that your mom spent hours and hours baking and icing just so? Or is it the time you spent with your family celebrating whatever traditions you have during this festive time of year? I know the fondest and most vivid memories I have from my childhood Christmases is snuggling with my mom and sister by the Christmas tree, each Christmas Eve reading the book, “The Night Before Christmas”. - something that I have now started to do with my girls!

May the season bring you and your family happy memories together. Enjoy the special moments! Don't worry about that To-Do list! The important things always find a way to get done, and the rest is just fluff!

Happy Holidays! May you have a season filled with family, love, health and happiness!


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