Fit4'MOM' of the Month - Meet Courtney Carter

Meet Our Fit4'MOM' of the month Courtney Carter. Courtney first joined Stroller Strides, with her daughter Vivienne, back when we first opened our Edmonds location in January 2015. We love having both of these sweet girls as part of Our Village!

Name: Courtney Carter, 29

Workout buddy/ies and age: Vivienne, (almost) two.

Originally from: San Francisco, but Edmonds is my home!

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The sense of community is totally rad, I feel like we have a fun group of mamas and babes! And I love that all the moms are so interesting and sweet. There's always someone new to meet, and it's great for Vivienne to play with the kids since we don't have many kid friends outside of class. The craft playdates and MNO are my fav!

When did you join FIT4MOM? I think I joined when my daughter was about six months old(?) She hadn't interacted with babies much and was beginning to bark like the dog when there was a knock at the door, so I thought it was about time I socialize her, (and myself!) #proudparentingmoment

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I am a trained Interior Designer and worked for the luxury tile boutique, Ann Sacks. It was crazy fun, high-energy, and never a dull moment. I sometimes joked that I needed roller skates to keep up in the showroom because we were always so busy. I thought those days were exciting but, this whole mama thing is wayyyy better!

What is your favorite food? ALL THE FOOD. But if I had to pick... I am a huge fruit lover, so fresh fruit with chopped mint and a little squeeze of fresh citrus!

What is your favorite beverage? I'm a huge fan of fresh cucumber mint water or Arnold Palmers, oh! and of course, rosè!!!

What is your favorite book? When was the last time I got to really read or actually finish a book?! Currently (still...) reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Time to purge all the closets!

What is one thing that people might not know about you? I really love to be artsy!!! I'm a closet weaver... My hubby got me a seat in a small workshop in Portland with a well-known weaver from Melbourne for Christmas and I had a total fan-girl moment with her. I learned a lot and met some pretty awesome ladies, too. We keep in touch and help each other out on our weaving techniques. I swear I'm not 90.

You are given four free hours of babysitting, what would you do? Spa day with my besties, in a heartbeat!

What is your dream kid free vacation? Oh wow, I would love to lay on the beach at a fabulous luxury resort with twenty-four hour room service, some place sunny like... Australia? Do light hikes and watch the sunrise and the sunset, swim in the ocean, eat crazy good amazing food, endless spa days. Oh man, ALL of this sounds so good, I need a vacation...

What is your dream family vacation? At least a week of totally unplugged fun on the coast, or at a lake where Vivienne and my French Bulldog Henri could run and play. Family dinners by a private chef, s'mores by the fire, waves crashing in, sand in our shoes and kites flying high.

How has becoming a mother changed you? I've slowed down but in a good way. I used to be on the go much of the time with work commitments but now I'm content to stay home and play with my daughter. Creating fun new experiences for her and making her smile is my goal, every day.

I'm happiest when....(fill in the blank) I'm snuggling with my little family.

What are three things you wish you could go back and tell yourself before having children? 1. Remember how your friend Susan told you it will be the one thing in life that will bring you the most joy? She's right. 2. Childbirth isn't going to be scary like pretty much everyone has been telling you. It's going to be amazing, and so so calm! 3. Your heart will feel like it will literally explode from all the love you're feeling. And it only gets better.

Fondest childhood memory: I loved playing team sports as a kid and going to summer training camps, and then heading down to California for the rest of the summer to vacay with family. The days were long and filled with sunshine, swimming, eating popsicles and many fun road trips.

Your favorite "go to" family friendly recipe? Salmon cooked sous vide style, over coconut rice with sautéed vegetables. NOMS!


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