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Buckshot Pro

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and/or teaching fitness classes that travel through parks, cities and gymnasiums, I was on the lookout for an awesome, hardy, portable bluetooth speaker. At first I couldn’t find anything that was weather (and baby) proof and ended up with a speaker designed for a shower. It worked okay, however it just didn’t amplify the sound like I wanted. Then corporate FIT4MOM partnered with Outdoor Tech, a company that makes some really awesome outdoor ‘gadgetry’. As a non gadget type of person, I visited their website and was absolutely blown away! They have so many cool things! The first time I looked at their website I put about ten item on my 'wish list'. I ended up going with their Buckshot Pro, an extremely portable and versatile speaker that not only is a speaker, but a charging station and flashlight in one! It is amazing. If fact I’ve loved it so much that I’ve bought multiple Buckshot Pros as gifts for family and friends. It works perfectly as a speaker that easily hooks up to my stroller for Stroller Strides classes. I also use it as a light when running with the stroller on dark mornings and/or afternoons, and when my four year old starts to wear my phone battery down while playing games during a run, I can just plug it right into the Buckshot Pro to recharge! It really is an all in one perfect 'toy' for my lifestyle! And on top of being extremely functional I can leave it on my stroller (did I mention it comes with a handlebar mount?!) and not worry about it breaking. It constantly gets banged up, rained on, dropped and it works and looks as good as the day I got it. In fact it’s even been chewed on when my teething baby somehow got ahold of it and it literally didn’t miss a beat! It is amazing. If you are looking for a fantastic outdoor speaker, I can’t recommend the Buckshot Pro enough! Check out their website to see all of their fantastic fun products! Happy Shopping! http://www.outdoortechnology.com/


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