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Body Back - Leaving the Nest

I cannot believe I have been participating in this Body Back program now for 6 months. I started this journey in January and I feel like I have made huge changes for myself. Finding Heather at Edmonds Stroller Strides and FIT4MOM was the best thing that happened to me as a new mom. I now feel strong, confident, and motivated to keep myself healthy. These last 6 months were not easy by any means, but they were what I needed to get back to the body I had before having a baby. In fact, I have actually surpassed that. I have my early college body back, when I was a competitive soccer player. I am actually now 10 pounds LESS than I was before I got pregnant with Dax. And, most importantly, I feel really good. I mean, REALLY GOOD! I have never considered myself a runner. Ever. I remember the one or two mile runs that we did during pre-season training for college soccer. I was fast on the soccer field, but always the last person to finish these “longer” runs. I never would have expected that I could train for a half marathon. And now that it is only 1 week away, I am nervous, but excited and ready. This half marathon was the goal that I set for myself during the previous Body Back session, so I am excited to finish this!

I know that I have made big changes for myself. I can see this when I look in the mirror. And I feel it when I put on my clothes. But really, I am reminded of this when I see someone I haven’t seen in a long time, and they complement me and say that I look like I have lost some weight. One of my co-workers I see on a daily basis commented that she is proud of me for working on balance between work, and taking care of myself, and she would like to try and do more of the same for herself.

I am nervous to not sign up for the next session of Body Back, as I have decided I am going to take a little break and see if I can keep things up on my own with working out and eating healthy. I keep going back and forth on this decision. Why would I want to possibly set myself up to fail and lose progress by not signing up again? I have found a program that works for me! But on the flip side, I want to give myself some credit for all of the hard work and knowledge I’ve gained throughout these past six months of Body Back. I can do this now! I think I have made big enough changes and have really ingrained the importance of eating healthy and working out into my life routine these last 6 months, that I am ready to try to do it on my own, without the support of this class. However, this does make me nervous, as I don’t want to lose my progress, or fall back into poor lifestyle habits. I have decided to give myself a month off to see how it goes. Since this summer session is split into four weeks sessions, as opposed to the normal eight, knowing that I can come back at the beginning of August is comforting. Off I go, with the past six months of hard work and amazing, healthy changes under my belt feeling so much stronger, more fit and overall better than I could have imagined at the beginning of the year!

Thank you to Heather, Verenice, and Tiffany (the three amazing Body Back instructors) who have helped me so much and kept me motivated these last 6 months. I am also thankful for the other moms I met at this class. It has been so wonderful working out with you strong and beautiful mamas!


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