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Meet our FIT4MOM of the month of July, Rebecca Baron! Rebecca is an east coast transplant that moved to the PNW just a few months ago. However, Rebecca and her adorable son Ethan have quickly and seamlessly become a core part of our village. You can meet her and Ethan in Stroller Strides many days throughout the week! We are so happy to have you here Rebecca!

Name: Rebecca Baron

Workout buddy: Ethan, 2 years and change

Originally from: New Jersey

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The opportunity to be with other moms, have Ethan play with other kids, and get a workout in all at once. It's a win-win-win.

When did you join FIT4MOM? January 2017

What is your current job or what did you do before staying at home? I'm currently a stay at home mom, but worked in Public Health Emergency Preparedness (i.e. what you do if there's a pandemic or other emergency).

What is your favorite food? A cheeseburger

What is your favorite beverage? Coffee

What is your favorite...

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Meet Laura, our June Fit Mom of the month! Laura has experienced firsthand all that FIT4MOM has to offer, right from prenatal Fit4Baby classes, to Stroller Strides with her daughter Maya, and now our Body Back Transformation program. In fact, Laura loves Body Back so much that she has become certified to teach it! Be on the lookout for her amazing classes to hit the schedule in September. Meet Laura, a kind and Aussie accented mama who always has a smile on her face!

Name: Laura Bowers

Workout buddy/ies and age: Maya, 10 months

Originally from: Australia

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Strength in motherhood!!!!

When did you join FIT4MOM? Last year, 5 months before Maya was born.

What is your current job? Edmonds School District as a Construction Project Coordinator, but I'm actually trained as an Architect.

What is your favorite food? CHEESE... it pairs perfectly with wine :))

What is your favorite beverage?...


Meet our Fit Mama of the month, Christie Vandyke! We love having Christie and her sweet little girl Mila as part of our Stroller Strides Village! Come and get to know them at a Stroller Strides class today.

Name: Christie Vandyke

Workout buddy and age: Mila, 22 months

Originally from: Holland, MI

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The ability to workout with my little in tow and being around other Moms.

When did you join FIT4MOM? August of 2016. We had just moved to Lake Forest Park and were hanging out a Horizon View Park when Rachel and Brenna recruited me to join a class.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? Before I had Mila I was a project manager. I quit to staty home wiht her but workout part time at a winery in Woodiville.

What is your favorite food?

That's a hard one. I'm a bit of a foodie so I enjoy a lot of foods.

What is your favorite beverage?


What is your favorite...


Meet our fit mom of the month, Lacy!!! Sweet and kind Lacy and her adorable daughter Lola are regulars at Stroller Strides. They are also one of our founding mama/baby duos from our newest Shoreline location! We are so happy to have you in Our Village, Lacy and Lola!

Name: Lacy Pleger

Workout buddy and age: Lola Darlynn, 6 months

Originally from: Shoreline, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The motivation and great advise from some wonderful mothers

When did you join FIT4MOM? January 2017

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I was an interior designer, now I sell LulaRoe clothing and fabric on Etsy

What is your favorite food? Pineapple

What is your favorite beverage? Any flavor of La Croix sparkling water

What is your favorite movie? Now and Then



Meet our mama of the month of March, Eva Tallmadge! Eva has been a member of Stroller Strides for almost two years. Eva and her now oldest son, Owen, joined Our Village as one of the original members from our Lake Forest Park Grand Opening! Eva has since served on the FIT4MOM Edmonds leadership team and is currently on maternity leave, having recently given birth to Owen's little brother, Oliver. We are so lucky to have Eva and her boys in Our Village!

Name: Eva C. Tallmadge

Workout buddy/ies and age: Owen, age 3 1/2, and Oliver, age 3 1/2 months (but he’s yet to show at a workout)

Originally from: PA, the town on the Olympic Peninsula, not the state

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: ...


“How much can a couple hours really change your life?” This question was one of many that rolled through my mind each time I got a message from Heather saying that the next Body Back session was starting. And this wasn’t the only question in my mind. Other questions of doubt followed like, “What if I can’t even do the workout they give us?” “How will I fit yet another commitment in my schedule?” and “Is it really going to be worth the money?”

After several months of “thinking it over” time and time again, I finally made the jump and tried out a Body Back Preview class. I had been part of Fit4Mom stroller strides workouts for about a year, so how hard could it really be? Well, I can’t say the workout was easy—that would be a flat out lie. Actually, quite the opposite. I remember going home after that first workout and barely making it up the front steps at our house. Over the following few days, I was reminded of Heather and the workout in multiple ways. I could barely sit down or stand up, my arms hurt every time I lifted them even without my toddler in my...


Meet the kind, strong, incredible Regina as our Fit Mom of the month of February! Regina and her daughter have been a part of our FIT4MOM community since 2015. You can find them at Stroller Strides classes each week!

Name: Regina Minker

Workout buddy/ies and age: Carleen 4

Originally from: Born in Cleveland Ohio, grew up in Lynnwood, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Our Village, connecting with other moms and kiddos and sharing our journeys.

When did you join FIT4MOM? We began FIT4MOM in Mukilteo/Everett in 2013 and joined FIT4MOM Edmonds in 2015.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home?...

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Meet the awesome January Fit4Mom of the month Angelina, mom to a sweet little boy Orion! She is a beautiful person inside and out and has more talents than you can imagine, including managing the FIT4MOM Edmonds, Shoreline and LFP social media accounts. We are so happy to have you and Orion as part of our village, Angelina!

Name: Angelina Gibson

Workout buddy and age: Orion - 16 Months

Originally from: Green Acres, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM:...

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Meet Leslie, our December Fit 4 MOM of the month! As one of our two original mamas of FIT4MOM Edmonds, Shoreline & LFP, we have loved having her as part of Our Village right from the beginning. You will find Leslie at Stroller Strides classes with her two beautiful kiddos or at Saturday morning Boost classes when she isn’t busy working at her family's dental practice.

Name: Leslie Trester

Workout buddy/ies and age: Gus 2.5 years, Jordan 7 months

Originally from: Edmonds...didn't venture far ;)

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Being able to actually get a workout in! It's so hard to work out with kids, so I'm thankful to have found a place/community to do this where I'm able to get a good workout in and the kids can tag along and are entertained by the wonderful instructors.

When did you join FIT4MOM? September 2014 - Gus and I joined when it was the Ballard/Edmonds group and it was pretty much just Gus and I, and Jenna and Titus making up the Edmonds class!

What is your current job? Or what did...

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Meet our mom of the month of November, Jennifer Wolfgram! Depending on the day, you can find Jen rocking her workouts at a Stroller Strides, Body Back or Running Club class, with or without her two adorable and awesome sidekicks!

Name: Jennifer (or Jen)​

Workout buddies: Grace (4) and Julia (1)

Originally from: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The community is so supportive and I love getting great workouts!

When did you join FIT4MOM? I first joined a FIT4MOM when my first was around 9 months. However, I joined the Edmonds group 1 year ago!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I am currently mom and have a photography business. I was a tax auditor. Still a CPA too​.

What is your favorite food? Anything chocolate followed closely by a really good grilled cheese sandwich.

What is your favorite beverage? Coffee

What is your favorite movie?...


Meet Our Fit4'MOM' of the month Courtney Carter. Courtney first joined Stroller Strides, with her daughter Vivienne, back when we first opened our Edmonds location in January 2015. We love having both of these sweet girls as part of Our Village!

Name: Courtney Carter, 29

Workout buddy/ies and age: Vivienne, (almost) two.

Originally from: San Francisco, but Edmonds is my home!

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The sense of community is totally rad, I feel like we have a fun group of mamas and babes! And I love that all the moms are so interesting and sweet. There's always someone new to meet, and it's great for Vivienne to play with the kids since we don't have many kid friends outside of class. The craft playdates and MNO are my fav!

When did you join FIT4MOM?...


Meet our Fit4MOM for the month of August, Nicole! Nicole and her adorable son Owen have been a wonderful new addition to our FIT4MOM Stroller Strides family this summer. We love her fantastic sense of humor and the contagious smile that she brings with her wherever she goes!

Name: Nicole Tiedeman

Originally from: Shoreline, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: 5 way tie between the workout, getting to take Owen, awesome ladies, amazing view, fun babies for Owen to play with.

When did you join FIT4MOM? I think maybe April?

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? Bead lady at "Garden of Beadin"

What is your favorite food? Raspberries

What is your favorite beverage? Mojitos

What is your favorite movie? Howl's Moving Castle

What is your favorite book? 'Girl of the Limberlost' by Gene Stratton Porter

What is one thing that people might not know about you?...

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I cannot believe I have been participating in this Body Back program now for 6 months. I started this journey in January and I feel like I have made huge changes for myself. Finding Heather at Edmonds Stroller Strides and FIT4MOM was the best thing that happened to me as a new mom. I now feel strong, confident, and motivated to keep myself healthy. These last 6 months were not easy by any means, but they were what I needed to get back to the body I had before having a baby. In fact, I have actually surpassed that. I have my early college body back, when I was a competitive soccer player. I am actually now 10 pounds LESS than I was before I got pregnant with Dax. And, most importantly, I feel really good. I mean, REALLY GOOD! I have never considered myself a runner. Ever. I remember the one or two mile runs that we did during pre-season training for college soccer. I was fast on the soccer field, but always the last person to finish these “longer” runs. I never would have expected that I could train for a half marathon. And now that it is only 1 week away, I am...

body back June 2016.jpg

I was able to complete the Friday workout this last weekend, as we are getting ready to head into week 8 of this session of Body Back. My foot is feeling better, and I am starting to get back into things. Friday night I was feeling so great after my workout at home, however that changed Saturday morning when I went out for a run. I thought my foot was healed, and then sure enough half a mile into my run, it started hurting again. I decided to just push through, and to see how it would go, so I ran for 3 miles. It is frustrating since my longer runs were 10-11 miles, and now the 3 miles seemed hard. When I got home, I iced my foot a few times in hope that it would feel better. We went camping the next day and I didn’t get in a workout on 2-day trip. But good news is even though my foot was bothering me for the run, it stopped hurting with only 1-day break.

I wasn’t feeling motivated to go to the Body Back assessment class on Monday and I thought if we came home too late from camping, I’d have an excuse to miss it. This assessment class was to measure my progress over...

Kim Hayes.JPG

Meet our beautiful mom of July, Kim Hayes! She is a member of Stroller Strides and has made an amazing transformation with Body Back throughout the past few months. We love having her and her sweet little girl, Juniper as part of Our Village!

Name: Kim Hayes

Workout buddy: Juniper 1 year old

Originally from: San Diego, CA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Being able to workout with my daughter while hanging out with other moms.

When did you join FIT4MOM? September 2015. When my daughter was about 4 months old.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I have run my own photography business for the past 10 years. I have cut my work load down a lot since having the baby to spend more time with her.

What is your favorite food? Sushi

What is your favorite beverage? Beer. Specifically Mannys Pale Ale.

What is your favorite movie?...

edmonds ferry.JPG

I missed both Body Back group workouts last week, and the at home weekend workout, and the first workout of this week. It has been really hard to stay off my foot, but I know that it needs a break, and that if I overdo it, it wont heal. I am not very good at taking a break when I have a great routine going. Being injured is hard!

However, I returned to class on Wednesday and it felt great to be back. Everything about Body Back classes are great. Not just the workout, which is fabulous, but being around other strong moms really motivates me. The location of the class is also amazing, right on the Edmonds Waterfront beach. After the workout is complete, it is so wonderful to just take a few minutes to sit on the beach, and listen to the waves, smell the fresh air, and watch the sunset, as one of the instructors leads a short meditation. After missing the class for a week and a half, and now returning at the end of week 7, I realize just how much I enjoy this part of my weekly routine. Not just for a killer workout, but for my over-all mental health and happiness as a busy...


This week has been really challenging and frustrating for me. I hurt my food last weekend during a 12 mile run and wasn't able to go to either Body Back group workout, despite really wanting to. I thought my foot was just bruised, but now that it has been over a week, and it continues to hurt even with just walking, I am more concerned it may be something more serious. I have only been doing low impact exercise, like swimming or riding the stationary bike at the gym. While I know I need to take this break to heal, this low impact exercise definitely does not feel like the same intensity as the Body Back classes. I'm frustrated since I have worked really hard to get in shape, and I don't want to lose progress or momentum. In the past, when I have gotten into a good workout routine, something like a vacation or a bad cold sickness would throw me for a loop and cause me to not workout for a few weeks. When I finally tried to go back to it, it would feel like I was starting over and would often lead to me taking even longer breaks - as in just stop workout altogether. And then it...


This week was extremely busy for me at work - I had a 3 day training and then 2 days of regular work. With the training, I was away from home for longer hours due to extra commuting time. For the most part, I was able to stay on track with nutrition, but overall I felt less active, since I was sitting for long periods of time in this class. This feeling of sitting all day, made me less motivated to go to Body Back workouts in the evenings. After long, sedentary days, had zero motivation to leave the house in the evenings to go workout. I had been away for over ten hours, and just felt like staying home. But, I talked myself into it and pulled it together and made it out the door. And of course, after both classes, I felt happy and better than I had before. I was proud that I made it, even though I was talking myself out of it the whole way there.

This weekend I also did a long 12 mile run for my half marathon training. I had a rare stroller free ran and it was so much easier! However, my foot is now very sore and I think it's bruised from the run. I took the last 2 days...


I have now finished week 4 and heading into the second half of this session of Body Back. It feels like time is moving so fast! I cant believe I am half way done. When I evaluate how I am doing towards reaching my goals for this session, I feel like I could make some improvements, but over-all, I am actually proud of myself. And it feels really good to write that.

I started this session after finishing two other Body Back sessions. So, I felt pretty physically in-shape. So, my biggest goal for this session, was to really pay attention to the nutrition component of this program and track what I am eating. I didn’t do that very well during the previous sessions. I am proud to say that this time around, , I have been doing this! I have logged my daily intake into an app on my phone, and this has been really helpful for me. Even though some of the days say “lemon cupcake” as a snack (this last Friday) or frozen yogurt for lunch (last Tuesday at a work function), I am actually becoming more aware of what is going into my body, as I try and log it as close to possible...


Meet Annemarie, one of our awesome Stroller Stride mamas, who also frequents Body Back Boost on the weekends!

Name: Annemarie Thibodeau

Workout buddy/ies and age: Anthony (2.5) and Cecilia (9 months)

Originally from: Toutle, WA (Mt. St. Helens put it on the map in 1980)

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: FIT4MOM is a win-win. It’s great for the kids and mommy. I love the fresh air, sense of community provided by the other mommies, and getting out of the house! My kids love seeing the other moms/kids and I setting a good example for a healthy lifestyle is important to me.

When did you join FIT4MOM?...

beach front BB.JPG

This week was extremely busy for me, and I felt like I was just one step behind in everything I was doing. My 17 month old is in a big sleep regression right now, so this whole week I feel like I have been dragging. Coffee has been getting me by. I have been running late, to almost every commitment I had this week, including the weds body back class. I HATE being late, to anything. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Usually, if I know I am running late, and it is more than 5 min late, I just decide not to go to whatever I was planning on doing (except if it’s a work commitment). Well, on weds, in stride with the rest of my day, I was running late getting out of the house to go to class. When I looked at the time as I was getting my shoes on to leave, I told my husband “its too late, I’m just not going to go to this class tonight.” He told me I should just go, and not worry about it. Then, when I showed up, everyone was in a different location, and not at the regular meeting spot. I got out of the car, did one visual sweep, and thought, this is a sign. I’m not supposed to...


I have now come to the end of my second week. Overall, I am feeling strong and motivated during the week to complete my meal plans, track my nutrition, and complete the workouts. But the weekend is a different story. I feel like I am really struggling on the weekends.

I am finding the weekends to be very challenging in terms of staying on track with nutrition. Last weekend we hung out with some friends we haven’t seen for a while and then we helped some other friends move. At the end of the day Saturday, I had 3 beers, pizza, and fried chicken. And then I felt like yuck the next day. I was able to quickly get myself back on track this week. Then last night, which was a Friday night, my husband and I went out to happy hour before going to a concert for a long overdue date night. I chose to have a black bean and quinoa burger instead of a cheeseburger or pizza. But, the 2 glasses of wine were probably not the best choice on top of that.

I don’t want to derail my hard work during the week, by not staying motivated on the weekends, but for some reason, it seems...

Danielle week one BB .jpg

I have officially made it to the end of the first week of my 3rd session of Body Back. I have to say, this week has not been easy, and there have been ups and downs, but in the end, I am very proud of myself.

I have maintained my food journal everyday this week, and planned meals ahead of time, as well as healthy snacks. This has taken some of my limited free time away, as it takes time to prepare the food, coordinate and plan meals, and do the grocery shopping. For some reason, I always seem to forget one or two things at the store and have to make another trip, which takes more time. This being said, I am slowly getting the hang of it, and this process is getting quicker. I have found some ways to speed things along, like make a pile of snacks prepped in the fridge, so I can just grab a few when I leave, and prepare my breakfast and lunch the night before, and have my dinner choice already picked out. I am also happy that I was able to complete a workout of some sort every day this week. In terms of my food choices, I am making progress at sweet temptations, which...

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My name is Danielle, and I am excited to share my Body Back story throughout the next eight weeks!

I have one kiddo, Dax, who is 16 months old. My story with FIT4MOM doesn’t just start with Body Back. Body Back is a perfect fit for my current place of fitness and life, however I would not have been ready for it right after having Dax, so it’s a good thing I learned about Stroller Strides first. I first found Heather and Stroller Strides by random chance when I was googling “mom’s groups in Seattle” when Dax was about 6 weeks old. My husband had just gone back to work, and I had just completed my first week alone at home, with an infant. After having many conversations aloud with my adorable and very snuggly tiny human, I decided it was going to be most beneficial for me to engage in at least some adult interactions during my next weeks on maternity leave. And so to the google machine I went to look for some starting ideas. Luckily for me, none of the PEPS groups in the area fit my schedule, and the one that did, was already full. So I continued looking for something...

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Each month we love to highlight one of our amazing mamas in our community. We have so many and it's always hard to choose just one fantastic woman, but this month we wanted to allow you the pleasure of getting to know our long time member Erin a little better!

Name: Erin Newsome

Workout buddy/ies and age: Calvin, 19 months, and baby brother due at the end of August

Originally from: Edmonds, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: The positive, encouraging tone of each class - I always feel inspired to push myself and try my best.

When did you join FIT4MOM? March 2015

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I'm a first grade teacher - currently taking a leave from the classroom, but looking forward to teaching again in the future.

What is your favorite food? Baked treats are my weakness - I love pastries, cookies and cupcakes!

What is your favorite beverage? Sparkling water

What is your favorite movie?...

buckshot pro.jpg

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and/or teaching fitness classes that travel through parks, cities and gymnasiums, I was on the lookout for an awesome, hardy, portable bluetooth speaker. At first I couldn’t find anything that was weather (and baby) proof and ended up with a speaker designed for a shower. It worked okay, however it just didn’t amplify the sound like I wanted. Then corporate FIT4MOM partnered with Outdoor Tech, a company that makes some really awesome outdoor ‘gadgetry’. As a non gadget type of person, I visited their website and was absolutely blown away! They have so many cool things! The first time I looked at their website I put about ten item on my 'wish list'. I ended up going with their Buckshot Pro, an extremely portable and versatile speaker that not only is a speaker, but a charging station and flashlight in one! It is amazing. If fact I’ve loved it so much that I’ve bought multiple Buckshot Pros as gifts for family and friends. It works perfectly as a speaker that easily hooks up to my stroller for Stroller Strides classes. I also use it as a...

rachel lipsky.jpg

Name: Rachel

Workout buddy/ies and age: Naima, 3 and Azra, 7 months

Originally from: Seattle

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Sweating and singing with my kids at the same time!

When did you join FIT4MOM? Shortly after my first kid was born - maybe February 2013

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I manage projects for the US Forest Service

What is your favorite food? Cheese

What is your favorite beverage? Beer

What is your favorite movie? I watched parts of Strictly Ballroom while in labor

What is your favorite book? No way to pick just one

You are given four free hours of babysitting, what would you do? Exercise, massage, beer with husband

What is your dream kid free vacation? Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada

What is your dream family vacation? Maui!

How has becoming a mother changed you? It's forced me to slow down

I'm happiest...


Each month we highlight one of our fabulous moms from our FIT4MOM Village. For the month of March, please meet mama Caitlin!

*If you are interested in being highlighted as a FIT4'MOM' of the month, please let your instructor know.

Name: Caitlin Adele Nalbandian or Cait

Workout buddy/ies and age: I have Adam who is turning one 3/16 and Dean who will debut the end of June.

Originally from: Puyallup, WA

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: Having such a wonderful group of mommas to hang out with and ask advice from.

When did you join FIT4MOM? I needed something that was going to motivate me to get off the couch. Everything else I tried was not working. It was also a huge bonus that I could bring Adam.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? I am co-owner of Mama Fed, our own local and organic baby food making company. We will be ramping up production as soon as the farmer's markets start back up.

What is your favorite food?...

Heather Pace.JPG

Each month we highlight one of our fabulous moms from our FIT4MOM Village. For the month of February, please meet mama Heather!

*If you are interested in being highlighted as a FIT4'MOM' of the month, please let your instructor know.

Name: Heather Pace

Workout buddy/ies and age: Camillo (age 2) and baby boy Pace, due to arrive May 1st .

Originally from: Seattle

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: I love having a community of sweet, supportive, non-judgmental moms to spend my time with.

When did you join FIT4MOM? I only joined FIT4MOM in August but feel like I have watched the many little ones grow for so much longer.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home? Before I had Camillo I worked as both a photographer and a nanny. Kids and art have always been my passion.

What is your favorite food? Avocado, Italian food,Chinese food. When I'm pregnant pretty much anything.

What is your favorite beverage?...

holiday to dos.jpg

I love this picture! This is something that I definitely need to remember as we are in the depths of the holiday season. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my extra long to-do list - holiday cards, baking, gift wrapping, shopping (yes, I still have a couple last minute gifts to purchase!... eeeek!)... the list goes on. But this make me stop and take a breath and remember what is truly important:

Be present.

Wrap someone in a hug.

Send peace.

Donate food.

Make love.

Be the light.

We all need to remember that it’s not about making everything ‘pinterest’ perfect for our kiddos. They really don’t care if everything is magazine quality. They want you. Think about your favorite holiday memories from your childhood? Is it the perfectly wrapped gifts waiting for you under the tree? Is it the pastry chef quality cookies that your mom spent hours and hours baking and icing just so? Or is it the time you spent with your family celebrating whatever traditions you have during this festive time of year? I know the fondest and most vivid memories I...


Each month we highlight one of our fabulous moms from our FIT4MOM Village. For the month of December, please meet mama Angela!

*If you are interested in being highlighted as a FIT4'MOM' of the month, please let your instructor know.

Name: Angela Wallace

Workout buddy and age: Amelia, who turned ten months old on November 28th!

Originally from: I grew up all over, but lived the longest in Arkansas before moving to Seattle.

Favorite thing about FIT4MOM: I love that we’ve made so many new mom and baby friends in the area. And the fact that I can now carry Amelia, the diaper bag and like three bags of groceries up from the garage in one trip. I couldn’t do that a few months ago!

When did you join FIT4MOM? At the grand opening in Lake Forest Park. I could barely stand up for three days after that. I almost didn’t come back!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home?...

mom hashtag.jpg

I don't know about all of you but I remember with the pound sign was just that random button on the house phone you never actually used. When everyone started adding them to their Facebook status’ I found it rather strange. A few years later pound signs have firmly renamed ‘hashtags’ and everyone is using them, including #FIT4MOMEdmondsShorelineLFP!

But why hashtag you ask?

  • For Fun! Hashtags can be a way to say something a little silly or sarcastic with less worry someone might not understand that you’re just joking around. Hash tagging something can be like saying something with a wink and a smile: When you realize at the end of the day you’ve had peanut butter from breakfast on your glasses #atleastmydogthinksimpretty
  • Filing system. By hashtagging all of our posts #FIT4MOMEdmondsShorelineLFP #YourPaceYourWorkout we are able to quickly review all of our posts. By simply clicking on the hashtag, anything and everything that has ever used that tag, will be easily accessible to view. Try clicking on one of our tags - it’s a fun way to have...
baby is a reason not an excuse.jpg

Can you believe it? We are fully into Fall, almost to Winter. The leaves are mostly off of the trees, crisp air has a bite to it that hints to something more, and the rain is acting more like Seattle rain – only dropping when we have something to do, and dropping with vengeance when we are trying to look pretty. Thankfully we have our inside locations for Stroller Strides to provide a dry option to us and our littles! So far Mother Nature has been kind and we have been outside more often than not! Remember to always dress in layers and bring a blanket or two for your stroller bound workout buddy, so everyone can stay warm and healthy. If it should happen to snow, we will be following the Edmonds School District decisions on road safety, if schools are closed or the start delayed past 9am, our classes will be cancelled for the day as well and we will post an online workout to do at home on our Facebook page. You can sign up for email alerts here:

As the holiday season approaches...


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